Friday, April 13, 2012

Kesch Rocks TP! Something Grey! Sample Time!

1. Grey Zipper Pouch-Inside, 2. i love gray, 3. Pillows, 4. Grey Classic Moustache, 5. Patton, 6. mini-zip grey, 7. Grey Anti-Valentine, 8. Three White Flowers on Gray Wool Felt Pincushion, 9. red dots pouch, 10. Basic Tote FO1, 11. Bird pillow, 12. elephant, 13. Potholder in grey, 14. baby Ross looking to the balloon with new details, 15. Teal, Orange, Purple and Gray Embroidered Flower by Sarah Hennessey 2, 16. 'Edith' vintage leather and lace cuff 

I see you Virginia!!!  I see you cringing from the grey--- but really, by this time of the "rainy" season in Oregon, aren't we all CRINGING from all the grey.  Be the master of grey this month!!!  Make it your bi---tty little friend!

We are embracing the colors this year in our swaps-- ALL OF THEM!!!  Experiment and see what grey does to your usual combo of aqua and tangerine-- what does it do to your reds??  HAVE FUN!  Bring your swap item to group on Wednesday April 18.  Make something that you, yourself, would like to receive, wrap it in a nondescript paper bag, and we will all go home with a nice little something!

I hear you too Wanda!  YES! We will also be swapping our GREEN swap from last month.  Too bad we got snowed out-- but those are the breaks!

I did have an awesome time sewing on the last sew day... not much accomplished-- but I did finish a NON-granny square block with Denise.  I wonder what block I will come up with for April??   Something paper-pieced perhaps??  Maybe I am getting ahead of myself...   To give some background, this past summer I started a this-- and then realized that Denise was doing it too (except she finished!)  It was a fun sampler series to stretch your piecing chops and have fun--- things I like.  Don't you?!  Well then the wheels in my head were turning....





And the inaugural "Eugene Modern Sample 2012" was born...

1) Have Fun

2) learn new things with friendly help, in person and online

3) Have Fun

4) Make a quilt.

I want quilters of all skill levels to be able to make one, should they choose.  You can make one at home using the posted tutorials, or you can come to the sew day and make one with Denise and I (one or the other of us will be there.)  People learn things in different ways, I want to help you become a better quilter and become a better one myself-- Let's get together, it's Sample time!

We had a soft start with March's block--

It goes together quickly!!  I used scraps and Denise fussy-cut her centers from some cute fabric from Aneela Hoey, for Moda. (the little foxes are SO CUTE!!! I got some the other day at Piece by Piece!)  If you made one, bring it for Show and Tell on Wednesday-- if you haven't yet--- MAKE one and then bring it for show and tell!  By the end of the year we can get together and talk about different layouts-- and we will be SUCH confident piecers by then!!  SO CONFIDENT!

Speaking of confident... I figured out how to load something to youtube... and you can't be more confident about your binding with this handy tip from Kesch!

Drop me a line if you have any questions!