Friday, April 27, 2012

April Sample 2012 block-- Single Wedding star

1. #080 Single Wedding Star, 2. 80 | Single Wedding Star, 3. Single Wedding Star, 4. #80 Single Wedding Star, 5. 80, 6. Farmer's Wife # 80, "Single Wedding Star", 7. block 80 single wedding star, 8. Block 80 - Single Wedding Star, 9. # 80 Single Wedding Star, 10. fwqa block 80 - single wedding star, 11. [80] Single Wedding Star, 12. Single Wedding Star #80 

Skillz learned/re-learned/re-enforced - Paper piecing

Hi all--
If you have been anywhere in the quilting "internet" world-- you will have seen blocks from this book popping up everywhere on blogs and flickr.  (Just another example of "everything old is new again!") I saw a quilt at a show a few years ago made entirely of this block-- so it is on MY list of quilts to make. I just love when straight lines give the illusion of a circle!  AND we just learned about paper-pieceing from Kathleen... and then I saw this--- KISMET!!  This is the tutorial I will be using on Saturday --TOMORROW!- for making our block!  As you can see there are many ways you can change your colors around to give different effects.  I will bring enough papers for everyone, so you just need to bring yourself and your fabric! Please go to Elizabeth's (Don't call her Betsy!!!) tutorial for the fabric requirements.  If you want to read ahead, she has a cool way of doing her colors!!

See you tomorrow at 10 (or whenever you can make it!)  at Our Sewing Room.  We probably will do the Sample block around 11:30(?). See you then!