Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 18th! What FUN!

Oh what a night!!  There were so many new faces that it seemed appropriate to just have a little mixer activity to go around the room and share our name and how long we had been quilting... we discovered a something special!!  It just happens that we have a bunch of toddlers here!!  Aren't they sweet!  We have a strong group of quilters that just started GOING FOR IT! 2 years ago.  We all thought of what might of happened around that time to "birth" all these new quilters-- NO one is saying anything BUT it just SEW happens that a little shop that we all know and LOVE started around then-- Piece by Piece Fabrics!!!  Thanks Becky for helping birth to quilting, our toddlers!!

This night was also fun because Denise gave us a demo on how to "Quilt as you Go, " because REALLY, who likes to shove a Queen size quilt through that tiny throat area on the average home sewing machine?

Denise used this method to finish her 2011 Bee quilt last year.  She showed us quite a few different methods, thinking that certain ones might be more appropriate for different projects.  She made the mystery of joining the backing from the different sections MUCH more clear and I am SO intrigued by the method she used for this CUTE table runner.

I bet that there are some instances where you could combine a few of these methods and get your quilt done and "out the door" SUPER quick! Here are some of the great links she was talking about:
  1. Quilt as you go process tutorial 1
  2. Short and Sweet QAYG tutorial
  3. QAYG joining blocks...good visual here
  4. http://www.diaryofaquilter.com/2010/08/table-runner-tutorial.html
If you finish a quilt of your own using one of these techniques OR you come up with one of you own, bring it to Show and Tell and then we can all learn!  Thanks Denise!  You provided GREAT visuals and are always a fabric inspiration!!

Our "Something Green Swap" was SO fun, I am glad that so many people didn't let the snow day last month freeze their swapping spirit!

"Something Grey" was the swap theme for April-- you know how it is here in Oregon--- RAIN RAIN RAIN, and then 80 degrees for two days just to make everything nice and STEAMY!

Denise and I thought that maybe our G blocks would be sample loners-- but NO!!

Agnes got in on the fun!

As did Nelda, she made a whole bunch and is making quilt in honor of Donate Life.
I can't wait to see that quilt, it is going to be beautiful. Stay tuned for the latest block later this week!

Agnes also brought in HER FINISHED 2011 Bee quilt (will mine be done by May??  I have my fingers crossed!!)  She had asked for stars and pinwheels.  I love the way they all are floating on the white.  Agnes said that the Synthropol SAVED her again! (With a color bleeding issue)

Kathy finished 2 quilts that we all saw some progress on last year at a Sew Day.  They are so fun.  She made sure that each pot was different.

Kim was busy this past month tackling some paper-piecing on phonebook paper!!!  She made this beautiful block and said that she got the template from Quiltville, a great site with all sorts of free scrap quilt patterns.

Karen made some beautiful spring themed postcards.  What a fun way to show off some of the seasonal prints!

Virgina "busted" this one out in a fun class at Piece by Piece with Kelly!

Nancy is BACK!  With a baby-themed vengeance! (is that too strong a word?) Her little "Bapron" SLAYED us with cuteness!!

She is bringing sweet and strong back to baby quilts with this one for a little boy.

Springy freshness with this lil' twister quilt.

And just all around sweetness with this HST beauty for Mackenzie. (font found here.)

Thanks EVERYONE for such a fun meeting.  Next month we are swapping "Something Pink! (get out your toothbrush, it is going to be SaaaaaWHeet!) Also, think of something you might like to give a demo on or something that you might like to see in a demo.  Send me a note!  We have a Sew Day Saturday April 28th (this week!!)-- weather site says it is going to be partly cloudy-- you should come and sew with  me!!