Sunday, March 18, 2012

Something Green!

1. Green Amy Butler purse, 2. cathedral windows green block, 3. 9 'Green Britain' and 1 'Austerity Britain' Union Jack Wall Hangings, 4. Green Caterpillar Pincushion 1, 5. green + brown + cream pillows, 6. green & blue plaid purse, 7. Opposite Stripes Mug Rugs, 8. More moo, 9. Closeup of Shamrocks, 10. spicey mitt, 11. green zelda pillows, 12. Needle Book, 13. green felt bird closeup, 14. green sewing machine block, 15. Green half apron, 16. crafting 365: 271 new dog

Wait, did I miss the meeting this month?!!  I keep asking myself that question...

No you didn't! We are meeting this year on the THIRD Wednesday of the month.... that is right.  Now, I have got it, hopefully you all get it-- and I won't be sitting at EWEB alone this next week!

Are you sick of Green yet?  Did you get pinched yesterday?  I am sick of nutty weather and that is about it.  I am still thinking of what to make for the swap this month.  I have A LOT of green fabric and that always gives A LOT of possibilities.  I am kinda into those hexie snack mats-- I could get out my tri-recs ruler and give one a spin!

This month in addition to the swap and Show and Tell we are going to talk about what "Modern" quilting is to US as a guild.   It seems like sort of a grey area for a lot of us-- I know what I read on the MQG blog, and then different definitions that pop up in articles--- BUT I want us to come up with a definition that is true to US as a group.   We have had the WHO ARE WE tab saying "TBA" for too long.  Just so that you all don't run away screaming-- It still will be fun.  I thought that we could bring our hand sewing projects and work and CHAT--- Just like in the old days!

1) Something Green SWAP (if you so desire!)
2) Notions of "Modern" quilting
3) Bee blocks (Wanda can't wait!!!)
4) Handwork project

If only you could see me.... my joy at remembering to post is causing my legs to dance an Irish jig!


Remember also that our first SEW DAY of 2012 is THIS Saturday from 10-5!!