Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Take two.... Wanda and the trip on the World Wide Web.

This is me, Jessica, trying something new--- again.  The first time didn't work.  There was some typing and an inability to paste and then some mass deletion--- MASS.  It could have totally derailed me, but I wanted to write a post about how Wanda inspired me to use the new blogging template... I want it to be true.

Wanda's wild ride on the World Wide Web has inspired me to push against my boundaries a little bit too.  The new blogger format has a lot of buttons that I am not familiar with--- scary!  The old template, I had a good relationship with that one for 5 years.  It didn't work how it should have, but I knew how to put pictures in backwards to get them to go in to the layout in the right order.  And now, my first time out, I am deleting things.... but I press on!

The links I promised:
Modern Quilt Showcase @ Fall Market 2012 submission info -- deadline is 3/2/12! (I figured it out!!)

Quilt Con 2013

Just to push my luck I want to send out a SUPER big THANK YOU! to Kathleen for doing the paper-piecing demo tonight.  I thought that she had some great tips to get you started off on the right track! (more thorough post on the meeting tonight tomorrow!)

-- So I didn't add a pic--- I have to have something to figure out tomorrow, right?!

Thanks everyone for coming out on a cold and blustery night-- the energy tonight was so fun and I loved seeing you all!!!