Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stitch in Bloom 2012

1. Improv at the garden show, 2. Sim print, 3. Mama duck, 4. Winding ways... Great way to learn a curve!, 5. Went to Houston!, 6. Plates!!, 7. More!! Love the fabrics!, 8. Half square triangle exchange!, 9. Whirly giggle?? Variation., 10. House party, 11. Scrappy pineapple, 12. Hobo quilt, 13. The whole kaboodle!, 14. More!!, 15. Detail, NeoColorII colored pencils, 16. Amazing quilting, painted!, 17. Graphic!!, 18. Texture study, 19. Mystery quilt color study, 20. Texture detail, 21. Stripe-y triangles, 22. M is for muertos--, 23. Painted with crayons!, 24. 9 patch party!, 25. New Karla Alexander pattern!, 26. So many leaves, 27. Detail, 28. Effective use of color, 29. Modified cathedral window, 30. Chicken

Hi all--
Here are just a sampling of the MANY quilts from the show last weekend. What a fun time!! After running in to some Guild members up at the show, our final tally was 14!! A great time was had in the Brownie Bus... maybe next time I will remember to collect cell numbers before we separate-- but as far as I know no one got left behind and that is good enough for me.

I am sad/happy to report that I did not come home with much money, BUT I did support the economy at the show, Crafter's Warehouse, AND Greenbaum's. AND I did come home with pounds of fabric AND 5 sets of knitting needles. (who knew that they were going to be selling wooden dpns in all of the sizes I don't have? and for a STEAL!) That said, I think that I am going into February having spent my crafting budget for the year... oh well! What was your favorite acquisition? Which was your favorite quilt? It was hard for me to pick just one. The story that went with the duck quilt made me tear up. It was made for the woman's daughter who is a single parent and just sent her daughter off to college, to Eugene to be a DUCK. I got misty, I admit it.

Just to put some stuff on the radar:
1)February 29 is our next meeting and then we are on the 3rd Wednesday schedule.
2)February's swap is "Something RED!"
I'll be back later this week with more fun happenings... see you!