Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Miss Bee February - Wanda

Wanda is our Miss Bee February.  I'll ask each of you to post a blog for your bee month.  If you do not want to or know how to blog then I will be happy to do so for you.  Wanda has opted for me to do the blogging.

I asked Wanda to respond to a few questions and here are her replies.

Wanda, tell us a little about yourself?
About Me.  I'm Wanda. First off I want to thank Kesch for turning my info into a blog--sad to say I have only recently started reading blogs and have never blogged.  

Tell us a little about your quilting experience.  
I've quilted for years--but largely small wall hangings because I've always hand quilted. When I joined EMQG I ventured into the world of larger pieces, bolder color, and machine quilting. 

What defines Modern Quilting to you?
My take on 'modern' quilts are fewer quilting rules or 'shoulds', larger quilting pieces or a mix of big and little pieces.   I love playing with color and fabric. I'm intrigued by my change in preference for color and fabric and pattern over the years.

Why did you want to join a Bee?
I joined the bee because I thought making a block each month for someone else would help me push the boundaries of my comfort zone. 

Tell us what you chose for this months Bee.
 I chose this pattern (McCalls Quick Quilts, 2010, Urban  Neighborhood) for two reasons: (1)I like it!  (2)And I thought it would be a gentle increase in complexity from Kesch's January block.  Initially, I thought I'd make a throw and  I selected the fabrics from my stash.   As I cut the fabric for the 12th block I ran out of one fabric.  An online search yielded a store that had the old fabric in stock.  So I bought enough to make a bed size quilt. (This is the first time I've ever attempted a bed size quilt so I'm a bit nervous.)

(Click on Image below to follow link to McCalls Quilting site)

Each packet has one completed sample block, instructions for making a block, and just enough fabric to make the block.

This quilt is originally designed by Konda Luckau.  

To see more of Konda's designs, visit her website at http://moosequilts.blogspot.com/.

Further instructions for the blocks will be handed out with the materials at the February meeting.  Wanda also noted in her response that she will be happy to answer any questions of her block via email or phone.  Feel free to contact her.  

Thank you Wanda for your inspiration and I can't wait to get started on your blocks.  Thank you