Thursday, February 16, 2012


Not to be confused with per spiration... totally different beast.  ;-)  I was hoping to give you a few links to some online Bees and Block tutorials.  Just a little inspiration for future Bees.  Also a place to go for share-able patterns, tutorials, and online instructions.

Here are a few links to follow:

A great resource for joining an online bee, finding block tutorials and ideas, and even gandering through their flickr stream for more ideas.
Quilting Bee Blocks

Quilt Dad is always inspiring for a bee block and project.  He is involved in several bees and posts all his fun blocks.  This post also gives a few other links to follow for more inspiration
Bee Tweet

Do. Good. Stitches.  is a charity bee group.  they have this flickr stream that is very inspiring as well.  Also our very own Denise is involved in this one.

Free Quilt Patterns .info

Another recommendation is to search the terms:  "quilt along" block party" or "block of the month" or "tutorial".

There are many online resources for free and share-able patterns for your block.  Make sure that you choose a block or a pattern that isn't copyrighted.  Sometimes a quick email to the creator asking for permission to use the block for a bee is all you will need to share with the group.  When you create your bee post for the website always give recognition to the original designer and link link link love back to the creator.