Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Swap-it! Accessories!

1. New Wallet for me, 2. Fabric Flower - Kaffee Fassett Lotus Leaf Fabric Flower Hair Clip/Pin or Brooch, 3. Patchwork Scarf Tutorial, 4. Vintage 60's Fabric Accessories, 5. lace brooch 2, 6. Reversible Fabric Headband - Melissa Averinos Sugar Snap Fabric - Kimono in Cocoa and Candy Dots in Spring , 7. Stamped and frayed - fabric jewellery, 8. Fabric Rose Flower Brooch in Watermelon, 9. Bobby pins with handmade fabric flowers, 10. golden honey . ponytail holder ., 11. robot camera case duo, 12. Fabric Pendant, 13. handmade passport pocket, 14. Flower Power Brooch, 15. Flying bird stripes fabric leather tag unique resin necklace, 16. wristlets etsy2, 17. camera straps-09, 18. 'Stitches' Pincushion Ring, 19. I ♥ red tartan, 20. Going In Circles Brooch, 21. Rose Time, 22. keyring pendant, 23. GAZZ!, 24. Rosette Headband - burgundy, 25. Fabric Necklace 2

So.... while I was busy watching old episodes of "New Girl" on Hulu, a little bird mentioned that maybe I should get some inspiration going on 'round here. I am thinking ACCESSORIES! Key Fobs, necklaces, scarves, hair pins, brooches, belts, camera straps, bracelets.... passport holders? (It was so cute!) A lot of the pictures have tutorials that go with them so you can click through. Get making!

(as always, feel free to post links to cool tutorials in the comments.)