Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 11, 2012

We made it Friends, made it to 2012! Look at Kesch there-- she REALLY wants to show us something.... technical issues are precluding me from posting it right here, but you are always welcome to check the Facebook page. It works there!

Some things I have already realized this year...
1)It doesn't matter where we get together, it is that we all do GET TOGETHER! Nancy was so kind and hosted us this month-- there were drinks and laughter enough for all! (Thank you So much Nancy, it was a great space!)
2)Modern Quilting Bees are SO fun! (Kesch's bundles for January!) And we filled all our slots so we have a full roster of 12 for 2012! Wanda is all ready for February! (I am so excited, can you tell?!!!)
3)I LOVE TO SWAP! I haven't participated in our guild swaps for a few months-- BUT this month was the ONE to get back in on!! I took home a gorgeous scarf (from Denise), Jen made flower pendants for Nancy and Denise and took home some hair pins that I made. Then Nancy made a cell phone holder for our newest member Judy...... phewww, did you catch all that?!

February's theme is "Something Red" in honor of HEART day!
Show and tell... Shall we?
We had some exciting previews of the Pound challenge-- Kesch (swapped with Agnes!) and made this beautiful Maverick/Wonky star quilt with a clever knotted binding.
Karen finished her solids challenge quilt... We got a lot of mileage out of those charm packs! Thanks again Robert Kaufman fabrics!
The back is a fun color-block combo-- they always seem so nautical to me!

And our second preview of the Pound Challenge-- Kelly (partner Cyndy) and a GORGEOUS wheel quilt.
The back is an equally beautiful pattern-- Kelly described the white on the back as a "happy accident"-- I wish all my accidents would work this well.
Nancy had a happy 2 for one to share-- a quilt top for her brother
and then the back--- now turned front for another quilt!! Yay Nancy!
Judy, our newest member, brought an amazing string block quilt.
The back also was lovely.
Laura brought a quilt with wonderful curves.
Denise's latest baby gift is a joyful quilt full of DUCK-Love!
Jen's machine is in the shop, so she has been working on a textile art journal. What a fun handwork project.
Laurie finished a kit project that she brought to our first sew day-- she said that it came with so much fabric,
That she was able to piece the whole back!

--- Phewww!

Stay tuned for our New Year's resolutions!