Monday, November 14, 2011

Wednesday night... BE there!

Hey all!
I had to post this quilt because I saw it in Hawaii... and I would rather be there than here on this grey chilly morning.... AND because I love a nice Union Jack block. So suffer along with my obsession why don't you!
Since it has been MANY moons (2, I think) since I last posted about the FABRIC-Pa-LOOZA, a little cutting and pasting from September is in order!! Ok, give me a second.... ooof, grunt, (COPY) grumble, snort, gosh-grumble-grumble (PASTE!) There!

"Have you made anything for the party yet? Anything that you want to donate to the raffle? I found some quilting books at my house that may like to come home with you... and other people have donated some fun quilting tools. My thought is, what is not serving me could very well make one of my quilting friends a happy camper. It is also so fun to take home treats that one of us made, isn't it? I use my swap pot holders from Kelly everyday, they always make my cooking chores much more cheery. So, please bring your gently used books/notions and/or your new swap projects and we will have a ourselves a little raffle.

Didn't you mention something about food Jessica?
OH YES I DID! This month's meeting will also be a potluck. Please bring what you love, savory or sweet, to share. I have some utensils and possibly some napkins. We could also use some plates. !!EDITED!! (I have all the plates, cups, forks, and napkins we could need!) If you would like, leave a comment with your potluck tasty then those of us who are undecided can be inspired to fill in the gaps.

Weren't there going to be fun and silly activities?
OF COURSE! Here are just a few of the ones that we have come up with thus far:

1)Swap a Scrap table: bring some of your scraps of fabric that you like, but perhaps are just tired of looking at and swap with your friends for something that you want to use "RIGHT NOW!" (unclaimed leftovers will be donated.)

2)5" Charm Swap: Friendship quilts are always fun. Make your own with charms swapped with your EMQG friends. Bring 5" charm squares and swap-- you bring 10, you take home 10 etc.

3)Name Tags: Make a fun name tag with scraps, a sharpie, and an iron. Wear it tonight, take it home and jazz it up-- and wear it next month and we will ALL remember your name!

4)Raffle Raffle-- Yes, I did write raffle twice, it is just funnier that way. I pretty much explained the idea for this above-- if there are any questions please send me an email or post a comment.
5)High jinx and mayhem-- just something that goes along with being a Modern Quilter!"

END PASTED SECTION! (to see the original post.)

Is that clear as ghee? (look that one up!) If you have any questions, please post a comment OR send me an email.

Make something tasty to share, bring your smile, something you made to raffle, and some show and tell and Wednesday night will be so fun!! Hooray, our baby is one year old!
I am sure that I was unclear.... BUT the raffle is just for fun, we are not raising money with it. I thought that it would just be kinda like a birthday party... present type of thing.