Sunday, November 6, 2011

Warming up for the big day!

Let's wake up a little, shall we?! Shoo away those grey skies with some bright quilt shots from the 2011 Lane Co. Fair.
Just a few... don't want to shock the system... But I do love those strings!
and what is better than a few flying geese?
A WHOLE BUNCH! I believe that this quilt was a new quilt from an old top (I could be wrong, I am trying to conjure up some sun from August here-- I am a little fuzzy.) (I do love seeing all of that OLD fabric-- the plaids!! OMG, the plaids! LOVE them!)

I will be popping in here more frequently to give us all some brightness in our rainy days. (and what am I going to do with all these quilt pictures?!) Remember, this month's meeting is delayed a week-- Fabric-pa-LOOZA is November 16th! Our Sew Day for this month falls on the Thanksgiving weekend---so that means I will either move it up a week OR we will just sail in to December and find an acceptable weekend.

Thank you for all of your support the past year, but especially the past few months. They have been DOOZIES, but have been a necessary part of life (I want to say they have made me a stronger, better person-- but I'm not quite there yet.) It is nice to be surrounded by great people. (Finish some projects, I really want to see some great show and tell!)
See you soon!