Thursday, October 13, 2011

Show 'n Tell Nite

Our monthly meeting was a quiet one last night.  A few of us showed and our darling leader was out for family reasons and we all know how she is the life of the party and keeps us all on track! 

Some of us brought hand stitching and stitched and visited. 

Some of us just visited.

Some of us brought show 'n tell.

Sorry Agnes, I could have cropped you out, but it was too cute! 
This is a quilt she made with the help of an online quilt bee and then she handquilted it. 
The colors are fabulous!

Cyndy had some color for our night! 
Look at these 2 we would expect anything less from her than something gorgeous!

 Kelly has a fun quilt made in a block swap. A very nice finish!!

And then our challenge quilts done by Kesch, Cyndy, Denise, & Kelly.
One pattern 4 totally different quilts!


Now for the business...wait a minute, we didn't talk business...we slacked, sorry Jessica!

We did talk about the next challenge due in January.  Let me see if I can get this straight, for some reason last night I had a hard time wrapping my bitty brain around this one! 

It is the 1 POUND SWAP CHALLENGE.  I tried to Google this for some more info and cannot find here is what you brain regurgitation of what Kelly said last night!  LOL

Find a partner. 

Each partner picks 1 pound of 1 color of fabric (appx 3-4 yards).  It can be scraps, but they have to be of a usable size and it has to be all 1 color, i.e. all blue, all get it.  Then you swap half of your color with your partner and vice versa. 

Each partner takes their 2 colors (1/2 a pound of each color) and makes something with it.  It doesn't have to be a quilt.  Make whatever you want and then bring it to the show 'n tell at our meeting in January 2012!

You can add other colors, but the main colors have to be the 2 you have swapped.

I cannot wait to see what you all come up with!

Oh...Nancy L.  also told me about a fabulous place to buy fabric online...Thousands of Bolts.  Take a look and see what you can find.  She got an AMAZING deal on backing fabric!

Soo there, we did accomplish a little bit of business in dear Jessica's absence...not much, but some.  We are all thinking about you Jessica & you were missed!