Thursday, September 22, 2011

Its that time of the month again... not that ONE...the fun one! 

The one we all ENJOY, not the other annoyance! LOL

So bring your projects and lets have some fun!  Trust me after a week of just me and the kiddos while the husband has been out of town...I NEED me some ME TIME!  How about you?

Hope to see you at Our Sewing Room  from 11:00 to 5:00 ($7). 

Of course we may all need to sneak out of Sew Day and take a trip over to Piece by Piece for Becky's
BIG Anniversary Sale...
I mean seriously 20% off regularly priced fabric! Lets shop!

Monday, September 12, 2011

What to quilt? What to quilt?

Hey there.... hey you!!
You-- the one that is lost, endlessly "stitchin' in the ditch", or doing yet 5 more bobbins worth of wiggly stippeling!
Look up here, look up here now!

Are you tired of quilting the same pattern on all your quilts because it is the only one that comes to mind? Come to September’s EMQG meeting and find out how many quilting patterns you can create by making simple adjustments to what you probably already know. Cyndy is going to be helping us develop our "quilting notebook" and providing tips on executing a number of modern quilting designs that you can apply to your next quilt.
Just come to the September meeting with plenty of paper or a spiral notebook and a sharpened pencil to capture these designs for your future reference.
It is going to be awesome.
Also remember your:
*Pillowcase for the swap
*Habitat Challenge block
*A dollar or two to contribute to the October Anniversary party food rental fund.
(So sorry this is coming out so late, I thought that I published it yesterday morning, but I forgot to push the little button in the corner. Oops! ;)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stitch, stitch, stitch...

Hi all-- Last Saturday was fun, wasn't it?? It was so nice to see so many of you and all of those beautiful projects. I am still dreaming of that Tinkerbell fabric Cyndy! I am sad to say that despite my attempts at shifting things around, I will not be at the Sew Night tonight. I am needed by my kids at their Back-to-School welcome night. Some things do take precedence over quilting... few things, but some.

I apologize for the late reminder about tonight, I feel like I have been been playing catch-up all August and now the month went and changed on me! Happy September Everyone!!

--OH Yes, the details.... We usually sew from 6-9 at Our Sewing Room tonight, they stay open for an extra hour for us, but if nobody shows they will close at the normal time of 8. Tonight is also a good opportunity for you to pick up your quilts from the show. They are waiting for you, don't forget your hanger if you brought one. Thanks so much for sharing them!

--I feel as if I am forgetting something... if you have any questions or have a clue what I forgot, shoot me an email. I would appreciate it. :)