Friday, August 5, 2011

Habitat is cut and ready to roll!

August is HERE! The Habitat fabric is cut and ready to hand out!! (thanks Denise for helping me with this one!) I have been hinting that this month's meeting has a surprise element to it... well-- someone suggested a flash mob quilt show in the fountain square and I am ALL IN!

What does this mean you say??

You can do one of two things:

1)Bring a quilt(s) to share, we will be taking over the fountain area (right outside our regular meeting space at EWEB.) and laying out as many quilts as possible in the amphitheater area and on the railings by the river to create a fun and impromptu quilt show for ourselves AND for all of Eugene that is riding through that area on Wednesday night.

(Because someone is bound to ask-- this is outside, the quilts will possibly get slightly dirty. Prepare your heart for that and maybe bring one of your everyday quilts and not your cream whole cloth quilt.)


2)You can bring yourself and your sense of fun and walk around and look at the quilts that your fellow guild members have brought to share.

In addition to our Flash Mob Quilt Show on the Fountain Square (FMQSFS) we will be:

1) exchanging our Paper Bag Swap (PBS) items (dish drainer quilt OR fancied-up kitchen towel)
2) Picking up our Habitat fabric
3)Pick up Moo cards to pass out (YES!! They are in!)
4) Show and Tell
I look forward to seeing you all-- bring a quilt and/or a quilt loving friend to enjoy the show!

I am on vacation, so I could have forgotten something. If I did, please send me an email and I will remedy that ASAP!