Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Teachers tent... the beginning.

A lovely Kaleidoscope... (I think that this is a Pam Goecke.)
Appliqued birds and my favorite acid greens
A blue and green delight
"Celtic Wave" by Jannilou Creations, a Judy Niemeyer pattern
Detail shot.... I love the spikes with the curves!
"Big Peels" by Pam Goecke (Love the regal colors)
Bari J's Tree quilt
Bari J's appliqued edge quilt
"Hispaniola" by Hilde Morin
"El Condor de Nazca" by Jane Davila
"Building Blocks" by Cindy Needham
I tried to take a picture to show the scale of these stitches... they were so tiny.
Love quilt by Tula Pink
Quilting detail-- I wish I would have written down the quilter... I love the swirls!
"Splendor in the Grass" by Melinda Bula
"Illinois Landscape" by Frieda Anderson
ACKKKKK!! These baskets!!! I wanted to just shove this in my pocket... The blocks were only 2"!! ACKKKK! They were LOVELY! This is called "Basket Mania" by Tonye B. Phillips.
Let's just say that each block is only 2".... Imagine THAT.. there are 196 baskets, so very awesome.
Spargo time!!! I have to say that I wanted better pictures, but the CROWDS!! It was packed around these quilts, packed, packed, packed.... I did not get the names, but the best pictures that I could squeeze in to the masses to snap!
I really admire her color combinations...
Hey Lady! I was here!
Ok, a side shot will have to do...
What beautiful work.

--- I tried to get as many makers as I could connected with their quilts.... I will continue to post more quilts as I have time. I am so glad that so many of you have enjoyed them too.

Business update--
1)Meeting Wednesday (7/13) (THIS WEEK!) Katie will be showing us how she does her cathedral window blocks.
2)Unveiling of the Kona Solids Challenge.
3)Swap-- Summer Snack Mat.
4)Habitat Challenge Still open-- email me!
5)Coburg Quilt show-- July 30th