Monday, July 18, 2011

Teacher tent--- more

Here we go for today's installment of Quilting-- the Sisters' Saga

This beauty is "The Unpredictable" by June Jaegar
I loved the red quilting, both the hand quilting and the machine work. The red circles gave me a little thrill!
"Circles and Stars" by Colleen Blackwood-- my kind of color story-- text and enough darks to make the brights sparkle!
This is the spaceship quilt by Tula Pink (I bet I can find it's real name...)
"Star in My Eyes" by JanniLou Creations. The broken star pattern really spoke to me, I liked that it looks really old and had that one full star in the middle.
"Irish Chaining with the Stars" by Lawry Thorn. This pattern can be made to look so different by just changing the color values in the stars or the 9-patches-- lots of possibilities to make this one look like it is your own!
"Madness" by Kathy Doughty--- I told you I couldn't get enough of this quilter and her quilts. I am still thinking about them all.
I loved the hand quilting that she put in to this one...
"Retro Rug" by Pam Goecke-- A great use of stripes to make a rather simple block look SOOO exciting.
Another beautifully done quilt by Tonye B. Phillips-- I missed the name (found it on her site!! "Village Sampler") on this one, because there were people all around it and I wanted to get a close shot at those little baskets--- they were so sweet!
Basket love--- I have not always been a lover of baskets, but since this quilt and this one I am a TOTAL convert!