Friday, July 15, 2011

Solids Challenge--- Complete!

A rainbow of colors... Challenge!! We each got a charm pack of the Kona brights colorway, donated by the great folks at Robert Kaufman Fabrics. The rules were loose... basically make a top larger than 36" square, use your own solids to supplement the charm pack, and use at least half the pack (at least 22 different colors!!)
We had SEW much fun!! Here is my humble offering (Jessica's)
Katie finished hers and it is ready for the Lane Co. Fair!
Deanna made a lovely top, each of those teardrops is hand embroidered with a blanket stitch!

Kelly also finished hers (Surprise!) a modern floating boxes variation.
Karen went wild with rectangles.
Phyliss is crazy about HSTs!
Wanda made a lovely variation of a spinning star block.
Kesch got her improv on and made a cloud of butterflies.
Lillian made some floating 3-D cubes.
Denise went crazy for pinwheels.
Agnes had a field of floating hexagon bubbles (back row left!)
A great time was had by all. Thanks everyone for showing up and taking up the challenge! Thanks Robert Kaufman Fabrics for letting us play with SO many fun colors!