Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sisters' Quilt Show 2011-- just the beginning...

When I go to the Sisters' Quilt Show (or any other, really) what I look at most is shape, contrast, and color. I like to come home with new ideas for blocks, color combos, or how I can add more interest in to my own quilts. Since digital is cheap I like to take pictures of any quilt that strikes my fancy. I really liked the starkness of this one and the play between positive and negative space.
I like the stripes of these Dresden plates... on the pizza place, no less!

I love to see all of the quilts just hanging here and there and covering up all the buildings.
The green in this one really spoke to me, but my rogue self wanted to turn one of those Greek keys the other way just to be spunky.
I also like to take pictures of quilts that I will never make... this quilt is so intricate and precise, I really admire it, but I know my own limits.
This one is for Mike, it reminded me of his bee blocks....
It seemed like there were QUITE a lot of star quilts this year.... lone stars (the blue glowed on this one, the prairie point edge was a nice touch!)
Paper-pieced stars... I love a scrappy quilt!
Star samplers (I think that 2012 might be the year of the sampler, there are a lot of sampler quilt-a-longs starting on the web)
More sampling...
I also can't pass up a halloweeny quilt... these cats were just funny.
I liked the way that color was used in this quilt to make an illusion of curves, but then still keeping the essence of the stars.
Another star quilt that I am too timid to attempt, but I hold great respect for.

I really wanted to share a few of the quilts that I saw today... there were sooooo many that I am kind of quilted out, wait, I think that I really want to get home and make some of my own. These are just a few before I saw the ones in the Teacher's tent (AMAZING). I was feeling bad because it is so hard to give the quilters of these quilts their recognition. When I was looking at the teacher's quilts I thought "Duh... snap a photo of the entry and then you can keep it all straight" So, tomorrow's offering will hopefully be paired up with the maker. Until then, get those Solids Challenges ready (can you tell that I haven't finished mine and I am trying to psych myself up?) Sew ON!