Friday, July 29, 2011

Hand me a towel?

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Hi there-- I was going to make a fun mosaic about our towel/Dish drainer quilt swap--- and the flickr gods led me into weird land. Let's just say that I am happy with these four and I don't know that I am ever going to search "Towel" again on flickr. Nothing too raunchy, but you never know where things might lead. I am a simple craft photo seeking girl and that is all.

Back on track...
This month's (August 10th meeting!) swap is a towel and dish drainer quilt swap. The towel with the orange cup on it is a pretty neat design. It has a button and loop on the top corners so you can hang it on the towel rack and it won't fall off (no more towels lost to the floor monster!)

Coburg Show update--
We will not be having a booth at this year's show. I am so sorry. This last week has been a very hard one for me and my family and I just did not have the energy to devote to this project like I had intended. I hope that you all still make some time to go the show. It is a wonderful event. As of this morning they were still looking for some volunteers. You can email them directly at bjes4me "at" comcast "dot" net. Thanks to all of you who volunteered to sit and talk about our group with me let's make a plan for same time next year!

I hope that every one has a wonderful weekend.