Sunday, July 17, 2011

Come to My Window... the meeting July 13, 2011

Windows were the theme of the night... Beautiful views! (Thanks so much EWEB for this awesome meeting room!)
And Katie's GORGEOUS Cathedral windows...
Thanks SO much Katie for your tutorial. I may not have the gumption to attempt a queen size quilt, but I definitely think that a wall hanging is in my future. Katie's method made this block seem doable and fun. I liked that there were many stopping spots where you could work for a while on the sewing machine and then have a project ready for some "carry-around" hand piecing time. (necessary for a mom with 3 little kids, as Katie well knows.)
Katie's color-study blocks that she had already finished were such and inspiration to all of us.
And there were a LOT of us this night! Welcome to all of the first-timers!! It was so nice to re-meet some of you and then meet some of you for the very first time. New eyes and points of view are always welcome and if you come back twice I hope you will call yourself a EMQG member!
This was my favorite picture of the night. I asked Phyliss to show me the swap for next month (a dish drainer quilt OR a quilted tea towel) but it looks like I caught Kelly tickling Agnes with a quilted pickle potholder (go look at the show and tell blog for an explanation.)
We had such a fun time looking at all of the completed Solids Challenges. They were all so beautiful (that is why I had to post them first, I just HAD too.) Thanks again to Robert Kaufman for suppling us with the charm packs that inspired our creations.
Last, but not least, a peek at our monthly swap-- it was a summer snack mat. The offerings were so colorful. Pat, keep me honest and get yours from me at the next meeting-- it is a really pretty one and I kinda want to keep it!

Again I went the way of the lunatic and forgot to ask for an independant minutes taker, so we are left with my spotty notes AND what I can remember. Here is a list of some of our "business" items and things that will need tending to in the future:

1)Upcoming quilt shows-- stay tuned for the plan (or if you have a plan to contribute??)
Coburg Quilt Show (Today is the last day to register with them and get your quilt's story in the brochure.) (I will contact those of you who signed up to hang out at our booth that day-- come by and see us even if you didn't sign up!)
Lane County Fair (Last day to register for still exhibits is July 31st.)
Quilt Country (August 5th-October 1.)

2)Habitat Challenge-- I have added the people who signed up on Wednesday, please check the list to make sure you are included-- I think that we have 5 spots left if you still want to participate. This is going to be a short turn-around challenge so I would really like to encourage people to participate that are really interested in completing it. That said, I understand when "life happens"-- BOY, do I understand that! I think that we can come up with a beautiful quilt together. Fabric will be passed out at the August 10th meeting and then we will have and "unveiling" at the September 14th meeting.

3)August Swap-- Dish drainer quilt, or a quilted tea towel (a few tutes and some pics to get you thinking!)

4)August is a surprise summer meeting (details to follow!)

5)September is a Quilting design tutorial by our own Cyndy-- Mark your calendar, this is sure to be an inspiring time!!

6)October is our birthday/anniversary month!! How far we have come-- where we want to go--a.k.a. fabric party!!

7)Planning for future swaps--- November is APRON month in honor of (gobble-gobble) Turkey day

Phewwwww-- I may have gotten a bit ahead of myself there, but I wanted all that info out of the ether and on to the blog? Let's keep the fun times rolling and let's NOT apologize for it!