Friday, June 3, 2011

Oh, what a night!

Watch out!

Soooo many good treats!

Oh-- did I mention that I was talking so much with my camera looped around my neck that I actually forgot to take pictures? Yup, sometimes you just have to rely on the kindness of friends. :) (thanks Emily and Matt!) (Maybe some more pictures with emerge?)

It was so fun to see all the people, looking at quilts, chatting, noshing, looking at quilts, tripping over kids, chatting, and looking at more quilts. I even got to meet some of our online members in person (I always like that!)

Hi Nancy, Carole and Mary Alice! It was so nice to chat with you!

Also, I was not expecting all of the kid-cuteness that came to the show... it was so fun to see Agnes' daughters, Katie's sons, Denise's two, and my three all scooting around looking at quilts and chasing each other. I am so exhausted that I will leave you to look at the few pics that I did get and to encourage you to go out to Our Sewing Room and look at the quilts for yourself... they are so much larger in real life (unless you have a very large monitor, of course!)

Last night I also realized that NEXT Wednesday is our meeting-- it is a good thing that Laurie had already volunteered to give us a look at some of the cool notions that she has been finding in and around the industry. We will be having a needle book swap and man, I have GOT to finish something for "show and tell". I know that it is the end of the school year for so many and that schedules are not as forgiving as other times of the year-- maybe we will scare up some new faces from the quilt show! Mark your calendars for next month-- July--Katie is going to show us her Cathedral Window block! Woo-hoo! I am going to get you all to like hand sewing!! I really am!