Sunday, June 5, 2011

Needlebooks... they are easy and fast!

Needlebook you say? There are so many options, they are so tiny, so fast! They also make you smile a little bit more when you pull out a hand-sewing project, much cozier than a cardboard and plastic needle package. You can make one with a pocket, in a funny shape, or just sweet and easy. I think that I will get mine done by Wednesday, right?? Here are some fun tutorials, someone already made a page of them!! This weekend has been so full... I have to go and plant all of my starts before it rains again!


I contacted the Coburg Quilt show about letting us have a table to advertise the EMQG and they are game....if you have some time Saturday, July 30 to sit and sew with me, laugh a little-- maybe answer a few questions about our group... I will bring a sign-up sheet Wednesday!