Monday, June 13, 2011

Needlebooks and Notions-- dooby dooby doo...

There was a Notion-- commotion going on at the EMQG meeting last week! Laurie brought so many fun things to share with us.
Coming to the meeting ready to discuss her FAVORITE notion, Nancy showed us how she used the wash-a-way stabilizer to play with some pretty pink selvages! She did recommend soaking it in water longer than she did, because she could still feel a bit of the stabilizer in the seam.
This wash-a-way stabilizer claims you can put it through your printer, to do applique. Hmmmm that would make for a LOT less tracing!!
This ruler looked interesting to me. I think that I might be falling in love with HST again... and this could make marking them easier!
Cyndy and Laurie LOVE, LOVE this starch (Best Press). Laurie used to iron pillowcases as a youth for 5 cents a piece, so she knows a fair bit about starch! She even said that it came in different scents and unscented.
This pedal stop looked interesting, of course what interested me the most was everyone talking about slowly sliding down in their sewing chairs to chase that pedal when it starts to wander. And here I thought it was just me!
Our Sewing Room has a few of these ruler grippers. They are nice to use, in case you are the type that worries about getting your fingers nicked by the rotary blade. This grip keeps them FAR away from the action end of one of those!
This iron cover was really interesting to me... I didn't get to look too closely, but I think you can put your iron inside of it and then the iron can stay down on the ironing board, be really, really hot and NOT scorch the board.

There were SO many more products to look at. Laurie really outdid herself bringing and explaining so many new and improved gadgets to us. Thanks SO much Laurie, there were a lot of things that I didn't know existed, but think I could make good use of. So many things that can make some of the less glamorous tasks of easier and more fun, I am all for that! I will see if I can get a complete list to post ASAP. I will also post all of the notions that our members suggested in a later blog post.

SWAP TIME!! Look at all of the needlebook excitement! Everyone really outdid themselves! I love these circle books, with a whole little sewing set included!
Karen received one from Pat made out of some LOVELY Pendleton wool scraps.
Caroline, can you see what you have done to us?? 50% of us made the hexie needlebooks because we loved making hexagons SO much last month! They really are so fun! (needlebooks and Hexies!)

The swap for July is a SUMMER themed Snack mat!! Think sweet tea, sweltering (in Oregon? HA!) temperatures, swimming, summertime fun... if we imagine it, might it come?? Maybe so!

We also talked about the fees for sew days and nights. I will post the list this week. The show and tell pictures are up on the blog. It was another inspiring month! The Cyndy v. Kelly Rail-fence challenge was BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for keeping us all inspired you two! It is always fun to see what different perspectives can do with the same block idea. The Challenge for August is a 9-patch! (will I ever do more than just "think" of a challenge quilt?) (time will tell!)


1)Do you have time to party at the EMQG table during the Coburg Quilt Show on July 30th?? Email me! We have some morning peeps, who's gonna shut down the show with me? The hours of the show are 9-4.

2)I am ordering more Moo cards we raised enough money to cover it!! Woo-hoo! If you have some quilt photos that you would like included send me a picture. I will put it in the account.

3)Finish your Kona Solids Challenge for JULY! They are going to look AWESOME!

4)Email me if you are interested in the Habitat by Jay McCarroll/Free Spirit challenge. We are doing the bright colorway and have space for 20 entrants... details to follow.

5)Go see our quilt show at Our Sewing Room. It is pretty cool!

6)Remind me if I forgot something-- Why did I take minutes, pictures, and lead the meeting? (something may have gotten lost--)

See you June 25 at the sew day! Or @ the July 13th meeting!