Friday, June 17, 2011


Hey all,
I wasn't sure who all had read this. After reading it, I thought that making our Habitat challenge into our first charity quilt would/could be really neat. THEN Denise forwarded me the link and then Agnes thirded (is that a word?) it... does that make it a motion?? The idea of making a quilt with all of you is really exciting to me. Shall we say it is a go?

Watch this.... I don't know if you were/are a Project Runway junkie, I am and I heart Jay!

I signed us up for 20 entries (numbers had to be in before we really talked about it)
The current list includes:
-Anne R.

(I feel like I have missed a few people... email me again, please!)

(edited to add details on 8-8-11)
We are going to make one block (at least) to finish at 12". You may add solid colors of your choice. The finished blocks will be brought to the September meeting and combined in some lovely way to make our first charity quilt.

-- Gotta get the boy to the Dr. to check on his broken collar bone-- the week before school is out for the summer, can you believe it?