Monday, May 23, 2011

Quilt Show... it's a-coming!

(Our own Phyliss, displaying her beautiful garden bouquet quilt at the Pioneer Quilt show last month!! Go fearless Phyliss, Go!)

I feel conflicted... I REALLY need to get out all the info about the Quilt Show, but something exciting has presented itself and I can't wait another day to share.... I guess I will be responsible and make you wait until the end of the post to see the exciting stuff. (Don't you dare scroll ahead!) (I will make it short and sweet.)

First Annual EMQG Quilt Show-- to run June- August 2011 @ Our Sewing Room
(Make arrangements with me to have your quilts up for a shorter amount of time.)

Saturday May 28th 11:00 AM- Hang Quilts
*To hang the quilts they need to have a sleeve to accommodate a rod that you provide, OR if they are small enough they can be hung with pins, or dowels. Sleeves can be as permanent or temporary as you like. (can be held on with safety pins, I prefer a quick whipstitch.) If you are happy with the way it looks, I am happy too!
Helpful Sleeve tutorials- here, here, here, and here
Small quilt hanging ideas- here, here, and here

*I would like to have all the quilts at Our Sewing Room at the same time on Saturday morning so that we can see them all together, sort them, and put them up in a pleasing manner. If you can't make it there on Saturday morning, YET want to hang your quilt in the show, please email me and we can figure it out. I want as many people to have to the opportunity to share their quilt(s) as

*Additionally, I am going to make up a small brochure to help people navigate who is the maker of which quilt. It would be nice if you would share why you made a quilt or what you learned from making your quilt. If you choose not to write anything I will just put your name next to your quilt number. To get your information into the brochure, please email me the information that you would like included. Be sure to specify which info belongs to which quilt, if you are showing more than one.

Thursday June 2, 2011 6-8 PM-- Reception/opening!
*Invite your friends and family, and enjoy seeing your quilt up on display.

If there is anything that you have questions about or improvements to suggest, PLEASE comment OR send me a message. I have shown my own quilts before, but this is my first show to hang... I am sure there will be a learning curve.

As we are busily working on our Kona Solids Challenge... Free Spirit has offered to sponsor another challenge featuring the Habitat line by Jay McCarroll. The rough parameters of this challenge are: we get one colorway of the fabric line and combine it with solids of our choice-- to feature the beautiful fabric and have fun doing it.

Let me know if you are interested in doing this challenge. I have to put our order in, but the start date is a bit fuzzy... I am thinking that we will probably start late summer and have a month or two (or three) to make some beautiful projects.