Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hexagons on the brain, a recap (FINALLY!)

Who would have ever thought that those crazy 6-sided pieces could be so addictive?
Caroline from Trillium Design ( Caroline's worksheet) came down from Corvallis to share her own hexagon addiction. I loved looking at all of her projects. I loved having some direction when piecing together my own! I had made the process MUCH more difficult than it was. Silly me...
Everyone really got into the handwork and enjoyed the "Workshop" meeting.
There was laughter, chatting, and tattoo discussion-- it was a very full evening.
Denise got many of her Bee blocks returned, and they were FABULOUS!
We all held our breath as people picked a "bag",
The swap was another success! I was so jealous, that I came home and finished mine! Zippers are not so hard to put in after all. SO much easier when you use the ZIPPER foot, right?

Keep checking back this week... WE ARE HAVING A QUILT SHOW!!!
the nitty gritty dates are HANGING, Saturday May 28, 11:00AM, RECEPTION Thursday June 2, 7-9PM..... posting more tomorrow!

Many thanks to Caroline for sharing with us. If you have something that you would like to share with the group let me know, it can be as big or little as you like!-- we will get you scheduled!