Monday, May 9, 2011

Hex you!

1. Making my hexagons portable, 2. Hexagons, 3. hexagons, 4. Hexagon Auditions., 5. Hexagons, 6. Hexagons are addicting, 7. Starting another hexagon project seemed like a good idea..., 8. Falling Hexagons Doll Quilt, 9. DQS8- hexagon quilt done!!, 10. YIP 365.86 :: Hexagon in progress , 11. flowers, 12. Hexagon block in the sun, 13. LQS4 - mini hexes, 14. Pillow Talk Swap, 15. three lovely pillows, 16. hexes 2, 17. Hexagon patchwork cushion, 18. I can haz addiction?, 19. Pillow done~~Plum crazy, 20. munki hexies

Does handwork make you squeamish?? This month we are going to be pulling out our "old sKool" needles and getting our HEX on!! Wednesday night (this very Wednesday May 11, 2011), Caroline from Trillium Design, is going to come and teach us a bit about English paper piecing-- more specifically HEXAGONS!! She is trekking down from Corvallis to share with us, it is going to be a good time. To make it more fun for YOU, please bring your hand sewing supplies i.e. needle/thread/little scissors and some scraps to make hexagons (at least 3" square.). You can bring more and share with your friends (isn't it nice to have friends?!)

In addition to Hexagon talk, we also have a few other things in the mix for this week's meeting:
1)Quilt show!! Hanging options--buying a rod.
2)Get your Solids Challenge Charm packs!! Katie and Anne!
3)Swap! Zipper pouches!
4) site R.I.P.
4.5)MoooOOOOO cards
4.75)Sew Days and Nights for the rest of 2011
5)Show and Tell!

I am looking forward to seeing you all, it is going to be a fun and busy meeting! Again, as always, if you have anything that YOU would like to add to the agenda, comment OR send me an email.