Monday, May 2, 2011

Get your May on... Is that even a saying?? Let's get our geek on!

1. Union Jack Shoes, 2. union_jacks, 3. Union Jack Pillow, 4. Union Jack cushion, 5. union jack 2, 6. Union Jack Block, 7. Union Jack Hearts, 8. Union Jack, 9. union jack mug rug, 10. Union Jack, 11. Union Jack purse, 12. union jack pincushion, 13. union jack banner with mini yo yo's ~ bunting ~ flags, 14. union jack, 15. Child eating a Union Jack cupcake, 16. Union Jack Fence, 17. Union Jack 3, 18. Union Jack, 19. Union Jack Cushion, 20. union jack cushion, 21. Union Jack Cushions, 22. Union Jack, 23. Union Jack cushion cover, 24. Union Jack, 25. Union Jack Quilt

Can you tell that I like the Union Jack graphic?

Yes, I have been looking at all things Royal the past few days. I have been getting totally geeked out on the wedding hats and the different uniforms and their tassels and pins and things... very geeked out. I thought that today I would share some geeky tools that you, too can use to find your way back to things that you love on the internet. It can inspire your quilting, while away a rainy afternoon and OPEN a whole new world to you.

1. Flickr-- I always start here because there is just so much to see by just inserting key words in to the search box. It is very easy to sign up and you don't have to post pictures in order to make mosaics or find things that you can "favorite". THEN when you need some quilting mojo, look back over your favorites and BEGIN!

2.Mosaic Maker (from This site is key in making a fun inspiration mosaic. You do have to sign up for access to the site, but the grid possibilities are ENDLESS.

3. Color palette generator (also from a fun little way to come up with some color options if you see an image that you like. For example: If you are totally blahhed with your normal "go-to" colors-- you can find a picture that you like, put in in the palette generator, and then have a new set of colors to use when you pull from your stash to make something different and possibly fabulous.

4. Pinterest-- A inspiration board type of site where you can "pin" any images that you find ANYWHERE and collect them in one spot. They have a little button to attach to your browser so that when you see something FABULOUS, you just tap the button and it goes to your "board". I like this site because it drags the URL (earl??) (web address) along with the picture so that I can go back and find the blog or website that I originally was intrigued by. (the site is still in it's Beta stage so it might take a day or two for an invite-- but it is REALLY cool!)

Go forth-- explore, learn something new this May! It is fun, fat-free, and fantastic!

This week is also our Sew Night! Thursday night 6-9pm at Our Sewing Room. Come, keep me company-- I am actually working on a bed size quilt for once!

And if you have a geek-worthy tool that you like to use to get inspired-- please share in the comments!