Monday, April 11, 2011

This week in quilts...

*Graphic borrowed from Lane County Historical Society site

This past weekend was a whirlwind for me, what about you? I did not get to the quilt show at the Historical museum yet... but luckily they always go for 2 weekends and the week in between. Anybody want to meet up on Saturday or Sunday? (We can talk at Wednesday's meeting.) I like going to the Pioneer Quilter's show because they always have something for everyone. It is usually a nice mix of traditional quilts with some art quilts and antique quilts peppered in, here and there. There are always many hand quilted pieces and I really appreciate all the time and work that goes in to that (I don't know if I have one in me yet, but I do like to see them.)

Maybe it will inspire some of you to share your quilts at Our Sewing Room beginning at the end of May?? Maybe yes?

I was telling everyone at last Thursday's Sew Night, that I just have been missing you all. It was so nice to show up that night (a bit late, but still welcome) and see familiar and new faces (So glad you came Kristin!!) and think that just 6 months ago I was sewing alone (when I could keep the kids out of the room!) I am excited about our meeting this week (Wednesday night!!) I am excited to see you all and excited to see what is the story about these "charms" that we will swap.

A brief agenda, to keep me on the straight and narrow:
1)-quilt show-- Hanging at the end of May-- Should we do a Thursday night "reception" to invite friends and family?
2)Robert Kaufman Kona cotton Solids Challenge--the packs are here!! Here are some examples of other MQG challenge participants.
3)Getting Computer Savvy--it always bears mentioning...
4)Swap--- "Charms??? Not charm packs, but bracelet charms. Homemade, store bought, whatever catches your fancy, just charms to make some sewing/quilt/craft related charm bracelets. Everyone who would like to participate should bring 10-15 charms. This will not be a blind swap, we will spread them out on a table for all to see, and if you bring 10, you get to pick 10 charms home with you!"
5)Show and Tell-- I can't wait to see what you all have come up with this month!

If there is anything that you think is left off of the agenda or you would like to add to the agenda, please comment or send me an email.

See you Wednesday!