Saturday, April 23, 2011


Update on the latest!!
I have finally put our old web site out of it's misery. Hopefully we all are connected to the new site and have bookmarked it. For site updates there is a newsletter sign-up box in the right hand column. If you sign up there, whenever I update the blog you will be sent a special message in your very own email-box.

For those of your still wondering about what Our Sewing Room looks like, it is featured in the latest edition of SeenEugene, a fun online visual magazine. Great pictures of a fun place to sew! Remember we are sewing there NEXT Saturday April 30. I have been baking bread like crazy I will bring some to share! (Don't worry it will be fresh, I am nothing, if not fresh.)

Business Cards-- We are going to make some Moo cards for the guild... moo cards are a great, "MODERN" (ha ha) way to get the word out about the guild. We can have many different pictures on them and we were thinking that it would be fun and eye-catching to put pictures of our quilts on there as advertisement and then have the web address and the meeting time. I have a bunch of pictures from show and tell as well as some from our flickr group. If you have some images of your quilts that you would like to be included please add them to the pool on flickr, email me, or bring them to show and tell and we can photograph them. Again, if you would prefer to NOT to be included shoot me an email.

Project Modern 3-- I will freely admit that I did not get my self together enough to do #2, but here we are with #3-- The theme is "Organic"-- perfect for our neck of the woods!

Finally-- this past week at the Emerald Valley Quilters meeting a speaker Bill Volckening, shared some of his quilt collection. They were some of the most amazing examples of applique and quilting I have seen. He was also very funny, in a way that only a true quilt nerd can be. Benton County museum is having a show of his "New York Beauty" collection this summer. I will be sure to organize a field trip, the ones that he brought to share are truly wonderful.

There is my brain dump... there are a lot of exciting things going on right now... if you find something to share, send Denise or I an email and we can post it for the whole group. Have a great and sunny (please!!) weekend!