Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sew day wrap-up, Welcome March?!!

Does anyone else admire Katie's notebook?? I certainly do. It is an excellent holder of information. I love that she not only writes in it, but also makes the things that she records in it! The baby quilt that she was working on was very cute, lovely zig-zags that showed off the gold and grey fabric.
Caution! The blur in these photos is due to the X-treme speed with which Nancy is now able to cut fabric. The Go! is much cooler that I originally thought. It is quiet and able to cut large amounts of fabrics with very little effort. Very cool Nancy, thanks for bringing it in to show us.
Last, but not least--Nancy's beautiful "Sunkissed" quilt... recipe courtesy of Moda Bake Shop.
(These pictures are from the Sew Day on February 26)

To further wrap up, I totally forgot to remind everyone about last week's Sew Night... the result was me sewing solo, BUT without people to chatter with, I finished a bag and got 3/4 of the way done with yards and yards of bunting. Good news, bad news, I guess. There is always next month.

Have you all made your softies for the swap this month? The meeting is in 4 days so there is still enough time for you to get one together. Here is one that I thought was cute (and you can make it some clothes!):

I spied this one on the Piece By Piece blog. What are you making?

This month's meeting will be a little different, in a very nice way I am guessing. Denise will be running the meeting because my mom is having surgery that day. I am still waiting on our Solids Challenge Fabric, hopefully it will come in on Monday or Tuesday so I can get it to someone to pass out at the meeting. I have already been thinking about what I am going to make!

March's meeting will make 6 months that we all have been making a choice to get together to quilt and share our projects. I look forward each month to the things that you all make and the ideas that you all have to share. Thank you so much for making our group what it is.