Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quilt shows... challenges... and sew days OH MY!

(Thanks Katie for the awesome photography!)

Wow, it looks like I missed a great meeting. Everyone has told me how much they liked Liz's presentation. She sent me her notes, now you can share them too, Liz's notes on applique. Thanks you so much Liz! I also heard that the softie exchange was very fun. I haven't picked mine up yet, but I am so excited to see which one gets to come home and live with me.

So much has happened in the last two weeks, I am still trying to get back in the swing of things. My mother's surgery went as well as it possibly could and the results came back that the surgeon was able to remove all of the cancer AND that it hadn't spread further! Hooray! I have been dealing with her cancer since our second meeting. It has been taking up the extra mental space that I would rather devote to thinking and planning fun things for our group. Hopefully, now, I can spend my time there and here, rather than in doctor's offices, right?? I appreciate your patience with me :)

Carrying ON--
Robert Kaufman Solids Challenge: The charm packs arrived Thursday after the March meeting so I am proposing that we just move our due date back by one month so that the Final unveiling is at the July 13th Meeting. I will bring them to the April meeting to pass out or you can email me to arrange another pick-up option.

Robert Kaufman Solids Challenge guidelines:
1)A quilt top or quilt using only solid fabrics (the fabrics that you supply do not have to be Kona solids, but do need to be solids, not tone-on-tones or marbled)
2)Must use at least half of the charm pack colors (22 charms)
3)Top must be at least 36"X 36"
4)Tops/quilts ready for the July 13th meeting

Quilt show?? Would you like to join us and hang one of your quilts/wallhangings/doll quilts at OUR SEWING ROOM for a summer show? I thought that it would be fun to see the different styles of modern quilting from our group (virtual and in person) all together. As far as I am concerned anyone who follows the EMQG is welcome to hang a quilt or wall hanging. I know that some people can't make it to the monthly meetings due to the night of the week, distance, or family obligations, but I value your participation online. We can hang them May 28, our regular Sew Day. I also thought that it would be fun to have a get together/open house/show that first Thursday in June. We can invite friends and family and show them the great time that have been having. Maybe it will dispel the mystique of the the "Quilt Mafia" (ha ha), but it will be a fun time. Let me know your level of interest with a comment.

Sew Day March 26!! I am realizing now that this is the last Saturday of Spring Break... Yikes! Let me know if you plan on coming. I am signed up for a Textile design workshop in Portland (Super excited!!) so will be absent and I am looking for a EMQG rep to collect the monies.

Project Modern -Monochromatic challenge due date is March 31!!! (you procrastinators, sew like the wind!)

Thanks guys, see you soon!

I would like to post all of the show and tell pictures on the flickr site. Send me an email if you DO NOT want your picture posted there or here for that matter. I feel safe having my face posted with my work online, but I know that some people are uncomfortable with that. Please let me know.