Monday, February 7, 2011

What is smaller that a placemat, yet bigger than a coaster?

Snack Mats and Mug Rugs!!

Have you made yours yet?? I haven't, but hey, there are DAYS before the meeting this WEDNESDAY!! Go to Flickr and search for your own inspiration. Snack mats are a fun way to try out a quilt idea on a smaller scale. Maybe once you finish it you decide that 6"X8" is more than plenty and you can move on to different things....OR maybe you like your design so much that you make MANY MANY more of them and you get a whole quilt out of it!

This month I would love it if you could bring your favorite quilting/craft book to share as well as your awesome show and tell.

In addition to the usual, at the February meeting, we can talk a bit about the Project Modern Challenge 2 and our very own solids challenge. We will also talk about a V.P. (not Joe Biden!) and maybe some other exciting things.

If you are unsure about the meeting date, check the Calendar tab under the banner (Please let it work!!).

See you soon!