Sunday, February 20, 2011

February meeting minutes!!!

February 9, 2011

Vice President (V.P.) discussion:
Denise was nominated and voted into office.
We decided (by vote) that the V.P. duties are:
1) fill in for the president in the event of catastrophic illness or grave misfortune

We also decided (by vote) that at this time we will have no money (dues) or rules. Also that at this time we do not see the need for bylaws.

The last vote (of the evening) decided that our group is a "no apology" zone. We should not apologize for things that we don't like about our hard work, but we can ask for critique or assistance with design from our guild friends. :)

Project Modern Challenge 2 was discussed- Monochromatic Challenge details here

EMQG Solids challenge was announced. It is being sponsored by Robert Kaufman's Kona cotton series. Rough guidelines are here. The final guidelines will be delineated at the March meeting.

Book Share:
Penny shared about Pouches by K. Sudo. She liked the pictures, but felt that the instructions were not complete. (I am not sure that the spelling is right on this author, I was unable to find a link for it--Penny??)

Rachael shared One Line at a Time by Charlotte Anderson. It is about geometric quilting that you do not have to be a Free-motion quilting expert to do. She also shared Free and Easy Stitch Style by Poppy Treffry. A discussion about darning feet ensued and we all were warned about the dangers of sewing through your finger with your sewing machine. Just don't do it.

Nancy brought her "go-to" book for all of her quilting questions, Your Guide to Quilting from Joann's. Cyndy also uses this book a lot for things like setting triangles. She said that it has great tables for figuring out all of the cutting guidelines.

Jessica went on and on about how much she LOVES Glorious Patchwork by Kaffe Fassett. It is a just a great book and was WAY ahead of it's time.

Katie prefers the Internet because you can find whatever you need there!

Show and Tell was fantastic.

Jessica almost forgot to have us pick our snack mat swap (maybe she should remember to eat dinner before meetings? Probably!) There were many happy swappers.

The next swap is a "Softie" with character.

Graciously submitted by Kelly
Transcribed with artistic license by Jessica

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