Thursday, January 20, 2011

Moving day it is a coming!!!

Hey you!
We are moving (if you are on the blogspot site then you are at our new home). I am hoping that all the heavy lifting will be done this weekend. The truck is coming Friday night. I should have most the goodies from the shelves unpacked and loaded up again by late Sunday night. There are some little treats over here. Go have a snack. Maybe while you are there you can take a tour, and join up, it is free after all. I am leaving our old home "active" as long as we need it, but change is good (that is what I keep telling myself.)

Just try it you will like it.

Until Saturday!

I liked the way this guild's pages were set up... take a look, shoot me off an email with any other ideas you might have. smile (I think that I will miss these silly emoticons!)