Thursday, January 27, 2011

A plethora of potholders!!

Wow, we had a lot of potholder swap participants!  Like a lot, A LOT!  I had great fun seeing all of the different styles and colors.  I also want to say that I have used mine many times this past week, and all of my meals taste better when using a cool (not 15 yr old!) potholder.  I will definitely make some more and get rid of those grimy ones.

To be totally honest I just finished 30 minutes of "unquilting" a project that I had spent a chunk of time quilting... how annoying is that?!  I thought that finishing this post was definitely preferable to ripping out any more thread!  We have some exciting things on the horizon and I want to get you all on board.  Here is what I have been hearing about:

*Project Modern Challenge 2-- This time around there is a monochromatic theme, which sounds intriguing to me.  The due date is March 31.  The details are all here.  It would be fun to have a contingent from the Eugene Modern Quilt Guild enter.  We could root each other on (a.k.a. make sure we finish) and maybe even win the big prize a book by Malka Dubrawsky of Stitch and dye fame and a delicious box of 100 FQs of Robert Kaufman Kona solids.

*Robert Kaufman (of Kona solids fame) is VERY interested in supporting the Modern Quilt Guild movement so they want to supply us with some fabric for a challenge.  To get us started, the rough parameters are:
1)A quilt top or quilt using only solid fabrics (the fabrics that you supply do not have to be Kona solids, but do need to be solids, not tone-on-tones or marbled)
2)Must use at least half of the charm pack colors (22 charms)
3)Top must be at least 36"X 36"
4)Tops/quilts ready for the June 8th meeting

I can get charm packs for anyone in the group that is interested in participating.  Think about it.  To give us plenty of time for the fabric turn around please let me know by February 15th if you are interested in giving the SOLIDS Challenge a shot.

*Getting savvy with the EMQG on the Internet-- During the meeting last week, I saw a bunch of eyes glazing over when I mentioned "flickr" and "blogging" and using technology to enrich our lives as quilters and guild members.  Being virtually connected is a component of being a "Modern Quilter".  There is so much to see and do with regards to quilting "out there" on the "net" or the web, or what ever geeks are calling it these days, that it can only help to increase your skills and our sense of community as a group.  I would like fear and/or irritation at the computer to not be a hindrance to people participating in the EMQG functions.  We can not get web access at EWEB, but there is access at OUR SEWING ROOM.  I propose that those of you interested in some help, making sense of flickr, or just moral support as you try to navigate it yourself, come to the Sew Night on February 3rd or the Sew Day on February 26.  We can sew AND bring laptops to get "hooked up" (I will be bringing mine to share, and I bet some other people can bring theirs too.)

I am still working on getting this site up and running, please bear with me.  The Show & Tell link is working and so far I have January's Show & Tell posted.  There is room here for your ideas and effort.  I think that our group needs to have a second in command for times when I might be unable to run the meetings (I don't really plan on that, but last week I was really sick at the beginning of the week and thought that canceling the meeting would have stunk.)  Think about it.  Maybe you want to volunteer, the time commitment won't be too great. :)

Until next week!