Thursday, December 2, 2010

Getting this party going!!! We have a home for 2011!

(this quilt was at the Jacobs Gallery last March, it was silk and you were encouraged to touch it... it was wonderful!)

Greetings Modern Quilters!
I come to you bearing good news! We have the space at EWEB for 2011. The one caveat is for January, we have to meet on the 19th, because another group had it booked on the 12th. EWEB supplies the room to us for free, so we can spend the next year growing our group and programming fun things to do. We can revisit the issue of dues and money issues in the fall of 2011. I am, as I am sure you all are, so very appreciative of Becky's support of our guild. She helped get the word out about our guild and gave us a space to meet these first few months. The next time you are in Piece By Piece Fabrics be sure to let her know how much we appreciate her support. THANKS BECKY!

I have moved forward on scheduling Meetings, Sew Days and Nights through June 2011. Basically, the Sew Nights are going to be the First Thursday of the month (6-9PM), the Sew Days are going to be the 4th Saturday of the month (11-4PM) and the Meeting is going to be the 2nd Wednesday of the month (6:30-8PM). There are only a few exceptions and all are now noted on the Calendar. I did my best to both spread the events through out the month, and take in to consideration other programming at OUR SEWING ROOM. In June we can reconvene and discuss scheduling and how it is working for us as a group. Thank you for your understanding as we waited to hear from EWEB, I hope that you can incorporate some of these days in to your busy schedules as the year progresses.

Now for the fun!
Did you know that we are going to be doing a Pincushion Swap during the next meeting? There are some great links to Pincushion tutorials in the forums section under Swaps. Pincushions are a fun project because they are small and can be finished in a short amount of can use some of your FAVORITE fabrics and still have some leftover for another project. Bring your brown paper wrapped pincushion, put it in the basket, and at the end of the meeting take home a fun new addition to your sewing room.

Favorite tool share! I am always on the lookout for a quilting tool that is going to make my life easier, but how to tell the difference between ones that "look cool" and ones that you will actually use. What better way to find one than to ask a friend what they like to use?? Let's bring our favorite notions and share them in small groups, we can learn each others names and ways to make our lives easier.

Finally, we will do a holiday show and tell... Bring your crafty gifts, your holiday quilts and inspire us all!

See you next week!