Thursday, December 9, 2010

December meeting minutes!

December 8, 2010


--Our new meeting place is the EWEB Training room for all of 2011. The next meeting is January 19th at 6:30 (Gavel at 7:00) and then the 2nd Wednesday of the month for the rest of 2011.

--The calendar on the website is now up to date thru June 2011 on both Meetings and Sewing days and nights.

--OUR SEWING ROOM is changing their pay schedule, so weekend sew days are now only on Saturdays until we can guarantee enough interest to pay their fee.


Favorite Tools-

Jessica likes to use silk thread for hand applique and moleskin as a thimble.

Kelly swears by self threading needles (for burying all those pesky tails when quilting!). She also LOVES to userubber fingers (nubs) (from the office supply store) for quilting and pulling needles when hand quilting with perle cotton.

Rachel got turned on to an "Add-a-quarter" ruler during one of her "bees" that required paper piecing.

Karen loves her fancy large rotary cutter with the blade that shuts when you are not using it. (Jen seconded the tool, because she has had some unfortunates events involving her foot and an open blade. A lesson for us all.)

Jen loves her cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter. She never wants to go back to scissors.

Maureen likes to use a temporary spray adhesive for her applique pieces...she has never had a problem and it washes right out.

Deanna loves her threader, she said that it can thread all kinds of needles with all sorts of thread.

Katie can not get by without her notebook. Her current one is very flexible and filled to the brim with graph paper.

Nancy likes to use a water soluble stabilizer to trace her applique pieces on and then washable thread to baste it on to the background fabric. When she is finished, she just rinses in water and, Voila', it disappears. No freezer paper to cut out!

Pincushion swap:

The pincushion swap was very fun. There were so many beautiful pincushions exchanged. Nancy was a very busy pincushion elf. No coal for her this year !


Another month of beautiful and inspiring projects!


Mike's month is December.

Jessica is up for January.


Next Brown Bag Swap is POTHOLDERS for the January 19th meeting.

Carefully recorded by Cyndy B

Transcribed with a bit of spaz by Jessica


As a note, I put links in where I could to give a more complete description of the tool that is LOVED, for those of you unable to come last night. I do want to say that I like to support local business when possible and most of the quilting notions we found at Piece by Piece.