Friday, November 19, 2010

Sharing...getting on track...

Say "Hi" to the cutest member of the EMQG! James was a fantastic model of his mom, Katie's, mad sewing skills. She made this carrier with some fantastic fabric from her own pattern. AND she is willing to teach us! Show and tell was definitely my favorite part of our second meeting.

Cyndy did some quick thinking and showed us some fun ways to quilt with a geometric theme. The effect on the quilt was beautiful AND she said it wasn't too hard to do. I like that A LOT.

and Phyliss... Fearless Phyliss... WOW! The edge treatment on this quilt was just lovely, fluttery, bright and delicate. She kept saying (I paraphrase) I didn't know what I what I was supposed to do, so I just did it! We all could take a page from Phyliss' book. Worry about the outcome less and just TRY IT! Thanks everyone (pictures are up in the Photo Gallery) for putting a bright spot in my week.

Did any of you leave the meeting feeling like there was A LOT of talk about "details" and not enough about quilting? Well, I did, my bad. I want the meetings to be built around learning and sharing and community rather than nuts and bolts stuff like when and where are we going to meet and/or going to sew. I think, in the future, we can figure these things out in the forums, through the web site.

We are a more robust group than I originally envisioned, this is WONDERFUL! I am so happy about it. There are so many fantastic points of view, visions, and ideas that I know that I am going to be a much richer quilter from knowing all of you and your work. Being larger also creates a different dynamic when trying to plan things. In the interest of being transparent and pro-active, I think we should move forward in the new year towards these 3 things:

1)Set dates each month for the Meeting, Sew Night, and Sew Day for a set period of time (Quarterly or yearly)

2)Set a calendar for meeting topics.

3)Get a 3 or 4 person "Board" together to make decisions to bring to the larger group.

On a smaller scale, I have been doing my duties and checking up on our sewing opportunities for the busy month of December. I talked to Mary Jo at OUR SEWING ROOM and December is a busy month for them as well. Another group is scheduled to meet the second Saturday (December 11) and they have other commitments on the 12th, so I thought that we could either meet on the 1st or 3rd Saturday (4th or 18th). Their hours on Saturdays are 10 to 4. The second Thursday (Dec. 9) night is a go. What they would like us to do when we come as a group is have one person collect all the money and then pay as a group. Normally I can do this, I will not be able to attend the Thursday night sew (Dec. 9) so I need a volunteer to be the money collector/payer.

Tomorrow we get to have a Sew Day!! It is scheduled from 12-5 and the cost is $5 (cash in small unmarked bills would be best!) I have some supplies to make name tags for those of you who didn't get to the first time around. I am also thinking of bringing some treats to share, maybe I have just been looking for an excuse to bake something. See you tomorrow!



As always, for any questions or ideas, you can comment here or write me a message!