Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November Meeting minutes.

November 10, 2010

I. Pre-meeting

More than 20 (final count 24) people arrived between 6:30 and 7PM. We chatted.

II. Update on Meeting Site Possibilities

Jessica introduced herself. She passed around a sign-up sheet. She noted that she was still researching meeting sites. We agreed we want a fairly central meeting site. Market of Choice was eliminated as too small. South Library would likely charge a fee. The Atrium was a concern. Jessica is waiting on results from EWEB. She planned to pursue potential sites at LCC Downtown and the Eugene Public Library. We realized that none of our potential sites will be ready before January 1, OUR NEXT MEETING IS DECEMBER 8, @ Piece By Piece Fabrics. We will have a Pin Cushion swap for those interested in participating. Thank you Becky for letting us meet at Piece by Piece Fabrics.


A. First Sew Night-- about 6 people showed up for the first sew night at OUR SEWING ROOM in Springfield. Those who attended said that it was a good place and a good night.

B. Next (November) Sew Night-- OUR NEXT SEW DAY IS SUNDAY NOVEMBER 21, 12-5 @ OUR SEWING ROOM. Jessica will confirm with OUR SEWING ROOM.

C. December Sew Night. There was lots of discussion regarding the December sew night. We eventually agreed to offer Thursday, December 9 AND Saturday, DECEMBER 10. This allows members flexibility during the hectic month of December. Jessica was going to check with OUR SEWING ROOM to make sure that these dates are available.


Jessica was speaking for Mike who could not attend tonight's meeting. She discussed her experience with different Bees and showed her projects. For more detailed information and to sign-up for the EMQG Bee, check out the Forum-> General Discussion-> EMQG Bee. Sign up by December 1 if interested.


Beautiful and inspiring beyond words!

Submitted by Wanda

Transcribed by Jessica