Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's been going on?

Please excuse the radio silence over here. After our very fun inaugural Sew night, I found out there had been a death in my husband's family. This past week we have been dealing with flights, funerals, and just figuring out how to go on after someone in your circle is no longer with you. There is the hole that their leaving makes, but there is also a coming together of the larger circle of friends to buoy up those who are left behind. It has really helped cement to me what is important in life, people and making connections. Thank you, sewers of last Thursday night, thank you also "meeters" of two Wednesdays ago. Thanks for connecting with me and each other about quilting and having fun together, let's do it again in 2 weeks.

Our Sewing Room was fun, the lighting was great, the conversation funny and I even finished a block (it is a LONG story.) Kelly breezed through a bag of yellow scraps and Mike cut out a whole quilt! We were such productive members, it was a good way to spend a dark night.

I wanted to let you all know that Quilting Arts Magazine is looking for submissions for a book, "101 patchwork projects". They contacted the Modern Quilt Guild in L.A. and wanted them to pass the word on. The submission page has the info for this book and also information for all of their other publications. One of the things that is on my "life goals" list is to get published, and I can't do that unless I try. So I am going to start trying and some day I will be able to mark that off my list. We could try together...

Ta-ta for now... I am looking forward to show and tell in November... October was so exciting that I wonder what will come next?!