Friday, October 15, 2010

Regarding the Sew night...

Sew you wanta sew?

I checked in with the lovely owners, Don and Mary Jo Moloney, of Our Sewing Roomtoday. We are a go on Thursday October 21 from 6-9. The only issue is they have a group of 10 that regularly sew there on the 3rd Thursday. This means we would be limited to about 12-15 machine spaces for this monthly sew. I would like to get a head count to see what our interest is this month. Please leave a comment here if you want to sew FOR SURE this month. If we are over our machine spaces I wonder if some of us with hand work would still want to go and work on that as our newly-found compatriots sew on machines. I have A LOT OF HANDWORK that I can do.

Regarding the nitty gritty of what is what:

*If you want to use one of their machines it is an extra $1 fee and they would like to know in advance.

*There are 4 irons and boards available.

*There are 2 LARGE cutting tables (if only I had one at my house!)

*There are tools that you can borrow including:
Rotary cutters
Quilting rulers
Cutting mats
Pattern weights

*There is a Snack area with a kitchen including a refrigerator, microwave, teapot, and coffee maker.

*For groups they prefer that one person be the contact and money collector. I can do it for this sew day and in the event that I can't attend one, we can figure something else out.

I also checked for availability of weekend day for November. Another group is having a retreat type event the weekend of November 12-14 and the next Saturday (Novmeber 20) is booked. They are available to open for us on Sunday (November 21). I asked about a 12-5 sew and they were agreeable. The fee for 5 hours is $5 a person.

Their fees may change in after the new year. My impression was that they are looking to grow their business and are looking in to advertising geared more towards groups instead of classes in the coming year. If this space works for us, it would be great to come up with a monthly day that we can put on their calendar. Currently they have a group that sews on the 2nd Saturday and the 3rd Thursday evening. EVQ also books the space on the 3rd Saturday when they have a speaker.

Maybe this is a barrage of information, a TMI, if you will... but I like to know what is going on and so until I figure something better out I will share the information with all of you.

For my information, please comment regarding:
1. Do you want to sew Thursday October 21?
2. How is Sunday November 21 from 12-5 for our weekend sew?
3. Thoughts or questions???

You can also email me, if that works better for you.