Monday, October 11, 2010

I love volunteers!

We finally pulled some of the weeds out of a sadly overgrown garden bed and what did we find?? This LOVELY pumpkin!! I love it when that happens. I love finding new things growing where I haven't spent the effort to plant something....
Ok so that was a rather silly segue in to this last blog post before the (drum roll...)Inaugural meeting of the Eugene Modern Quilting Guild (Wednesday @6:30 @ Piece by Piece Fabrics.) (but it IS a pumpkin and that IS seasonal... plus the volunteer thing.)

Anyway I was thinking that I would give a heads up about some of the "positions" that we need for our new little group, that way you all can ponder this in the next two evenings and then decide if you want to volunteer for any of them. (Ha ha, I know the joke is getting old... no more, I promise!) I have been diligently cyberstalking other Modern Quilt Guilds for ideas on what all to put together as a leading group for our guild. For where we are now, I think at the very least we need a:

Secretary (to take minutes at the meeting)

As needed/desired we can add:

Co-Captain/Vice-President/Co-Conspirator (It is nice to have a back up in the event I will be flying to Houston to show my fabulous quilt designs!)

Treasurer (if we decide to do dues.) (HA ha, another funny!)

Activities Director (like Julie on the Love Boat, you could wear something nautical.)

In terms of the first meeting I thought a flexible outline could be:

6:30-7:00 Meet and greet.

7:00- Introduction
Shaping the guild:
*Brainstorm Meeting ideas
*Brainstorm activity ideas
*How often do we want to meet? Monthly/bi-monthly?
*Sew days/nights?

7:20ish-Show and Tell
*We all bring our wonderful creations to share and speak about.

8:00ish We all go home, inspired and glad that we have met so many cool quilters in our own area!

I want to sincerely thank Becky at Piece by Piece Fabrics for her encouragement and offering her space for our meetings. I also want to express my gratitude to Kelly for being a positive sounding board and holding me accountable when I first mentioned that I wanted to start a Modern Quilt Guild on my blog. Whatever shape our guild takes it is so nice to live in a town that has people and businesses that support community building endeavors.

I am excited to meet you all. See you Wednesday!